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MoMeSKIN (Laboratory of Light and Electron Microscpoy of the Skin)  


Prof. Elena Bianca Donetti

Secretary of Society for Cutaneous Ultrastructure Research - The Skin Imaging Society – SCUR 

Member of Società Italiana di Anatomia e Istologia – SIAI



Dr. Giulia Lombardo (Research Fellow)

Dr. Serena Indino (PhD Student in Translational Medicine)


Main research topic

  • Structural and ultrastructural morphological evaluation of the effects induced by different exogenous stimuli on a three-dimensional model of organotypic culture of normal human skin (collaboration with Dr. Francesca Prignano, Department of Surgery and Translational Medicine, University of Florence). Particularly, all the analysis performed are aimed at the assessment of:


-        Cell proliferation and apoptosis.

-        Intercellular junctions.

-        Differentiation markers.

-        Skin innate and adaptive immunity.


  • Other research topics explored in our laboratory, carried out in collaboration with different Professors of the University of Milan, include:


-        Morphofunctional properties of differentiated Caco2/HT-29 co-cultures mimicking human intestinal epitelium in different experimental conditions.

In collaboration withDr. Anita Ferraretto (SCIBIS, University of Milan).

-        Effects of UV rays and natural compound repairs using both in vitro and ex-vivo human skin models.In collaboration withDr. Laura Marabini (DiSFeB, University of Milan).

-        Effects of allergens and irritants in vitro and in a three-dimensional model of normal skin organotypic cultures.

In collaboration withProf. Emanuela Corsini (DiSFeB, University of Milan).

-        Skin morphology in dyslipidemic mice.

In collaboration withProf. Giulia Chiesa (DiSFeB, University of Milan).


Consulting service

Performed for CHIESI FARMACEUTICI S.p.A.- Morphological and morphometric fibrosis evaluation, using NDPView2 software system, in different experimental models and recovery due to drug treatments.


Recent relevant publications (2015-2020)


  1. Donetti E, Lombardo G, Indino S, Cornaghi L, Arnaboldi F, Pescitelli L, Baruffaldi Preis F, Prignano F. The psoriatic shift induced by interleukin 17 is promptly reverted in a three-dimensional organotypic model of normal human skin culture. Eur J Histochem; in press. I.F. 2.42
  2. Donetti E, Lombardo G, Baruffaldi Preis F, Cornaghi L, Pescitelli L, Prignano F. 3D skin model to investigate the early epidermal morphological psoriatic features. J Transl Sci; in press. I.F. 2.12
  1. Ferraretto A, Bottani M, De Luca P, Cornaghi L, Arnaboldi F, Maggioni M, Fiorilli A, Donetti E. Morpho-functional properties of a differentiated Caco2 / HT-29 co-culture as an in vitro model of human intestinal epithelium. Biosci Rep; 2018, 38:1-16. I.F. 2.91
  2. Chiricozzi A, Romanelli M, Panduri S, Donetti E, Prignano F. Relevance of in vitro 3-D skin models in dissecting cytokine contribution to psoriasis pathogenesis. Histol Histopathol. 2017; 32:893-898 I.F. 1.88
  3. Donetti E, Cornaghi L, Arnaboldi F, Ricceri F, Pescitelli L, Maiocchi M, Carriero F, Baruffaldi Preis F, Prignano F. Epidermal barrier reaction to an in vitro psoriatic microenvironment. Exp Cell Res; 2017; 15:180-188. I.F. 3.44
  4. Donetti E, Cornaghi L, Arnaboldi F, Landoni F, Romagnoli P, Mastroianni N, Pescitelli L, Baruffaldi Preis FW, Prignano F. Interleukin 22 early affects keratinocyte differentiation, but not proliferation, in a three-dimensional model of normal human skin. Exp Cell Res; 2016; 345:247-254. I.F. 3.25
  5. Cornaghi L, Arnaboldi F, Calò R, Landoni F, Baruffaldi Preis FW, Marabini L, Donetti E. Effects of UV rays and thymol/Thymus Vulgaris L. extract using an ex vivo human skin model: morphological and genotoxicological assessment. CTO; 2016; 201:180-189. I.F. 2.14
  6. Prignano F, Arnaboldi F, Cornaghi L, Landoni F, Tripo L, Baruffaldi Preis WF, Donetti E. Tumour necrosis factor-alpha and interleukin-17 differently affects Langerhans cell distribution and activation in an innovative three-dimensional model of normal human skin. EJCB; 2015; 94:71-77. I.F.4.01



Prof. Elena Bianca Donetti - elena.donetti@unimi.it; tel. +3902503.15400

Dr. Giulia Lombardo - giulia.lombardo@unimi.it; tel. +3902503.15363 - 15366

Dr. Serena Indino - serena.indino@unimi.it; tel. +3902503.15363 - 15366

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