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L.A.F.A.S.-Laboratory of Functional Anatomy of the Stomatognathic System  


Principal Investigator: prof. Chiarella Sforza



prof. Virgilio F. Ferrario
dr. Claudia Dolci
dr. Giorgio Cacciatore
dr. Gianluigi Lodetti
dr. Luca Pisoni
dr. Riccardo Rosati
dr. Gianluca M. Tartaglia
dr. Davide Giacomo Tommasi


The group’s research activity is focused on:

Functional and morphological analysis of the stomatognathic system of healthy and pathological subjects.

Quantitative analysis of stomatognathic system growth, development and aging in kids, adolescents and adults.

Static facial and cranial data are assessed by means of three-dimensional acquisition systems as stereo-photogrammetry, laser scanning, electromechanical and electromagnetic devices and CBCT.

Experimental results provide both qualitative and quantitative information to researchers and clinicians.

LAFAS 1  LAFAS 2 arcata  LAFAS 3 riposizionamento

We are currently working on the following research topics:

  1. Repeatability of dental arches 3D models repositioning into 3D soft-tissue facial acquisitions. Comparison with CBCT data.
  2. Quantitative analysis of facial morphology and symmetry evaluation in Moebius Syndrome affected subjects. The project is conducted together with A.I.S.Mo (Italian Association Moebius Syndrome) and prof- Mauro Gandolfini, Università degli Studi di Parma.
  3. Alveolar ridge’s area evaluation in cleft-lip/cleft-palate syndrome subjects. In collaboration with prof. Marcio De Menezes, professor of Operative Dentistry, Course of Dentistry, School of Health Science, State University of Amazonas, Brasil, and dr. Ana M. Cerón-Zapata and dr. Ana M. López-Palacio, Pediatric Dentistry and Preventive Orthodontics, Universidad CES, Medellín, Colombia.
  4. Nasal area measurement: comparison between acquisitions made through stereo-photography and laser scanning. In collaboration with prof. Marcio De Menezes, professor of Operative Dentistry, Course of Dentistry, School of Health Science, State University of Amazonas, Brasil.
  5. Early diagnosis of Andersen-Tawil syndrome through facial morphology evaluation. In collaboration with dr. Valeria Sansone, Dipartimento di Scienze Biomediche per la Salute, Università di Milano.
  6. Integration of clinical (RDC) and morpho-functional information (RMN and sEMG) to achieve a better understanding of long lasting temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) pathologies.


The laboratory works closely with L.A.F.A.L, Laboratory of Functional Anatomy of the Locomotor System.



Recent/relevant Publications

Sforza C, De Menezes M, Bresciani E, Cerón-Zapata AM, López-Palacio AM, Rodriguez-Ardila MJ, Berrio-Gutiérrez LM. Evaluation of a 3D stereophotogrammetric technique to measure the stone casts of patients with unilateral cleft lip and palate. Cleft Palate Craniofac J. 2012;49:477-83.

Rosati R, Rossetti A, De Menezes M, Ferrario VF, Sforza C. The occlusal plane in the facial context: inter-operator repeatability of a new 3D method. Int J Oral Sci. 2012;4:34-7.

 Lodetti G, Mapelli A, Musto F, Rosati R, Sforza C. EMG spectral characteristics of masticatory muscles and upper trapezius during maximum voluntary teeth clenching. J Electromyogr Kinesiol. 2012;22:103-9.

Sforza C, Elamin F, Rosati R, Lucchini MA, Tommasi DG, Ferrario VF. Three-dimensional assessment of nose and lip morphology in North Sudanese subjects with Down syndrome. Angle Orthod. 2011;81:107–114.

 Sforza C, Laino A, Grandi G, Pisoni L, Ferrario VF. Three dimensional facial asymmetry in attractive and normal people from childhood to young adulthood. Symmetry 2010, 2, 1925-1944.



prof. Chiarella Sforza, MD
Department of Biomedical Sciences for Health, Director
Università degli Studi di Milano
Via Mangiagalli, 31 - 20133
Milan - Italy
tel. +39 02.503.15385


dr. Giorgio Cacciatore, DDS
PhD Student
tel. +39 02.503.15390


dr. Luca Pisoni, DDS
PhD Student
tel. +39 02.503.15390


dr. Davide Giacomo Tommasi, MS, PhD
tel. +39 02.503.15390


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