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Principal Investigator: prof. Luigi Tesio MD


Members: Viviana Rota PhD  Eng


This Lab focuses on the pathophysiology of gait and posture. Kinematic, dynamic and muscle recruitment of walking are investigated through the classic instrumental triad: optoelectronic recording of skin reflective markers, ground force transducers, surface EMG from key muscles, respectively. At variance with the conventional setting, gait is recorded on a pair of treadmills (one for each lower limb) mounted on 3-D force transducers (so-called instrumented, split-belt treadmill). The imposed walking speed is known and constant. Several reproducible strides can be recorded in a few seconds. This allows very brief sessions, tolerated by most patients and children. Also, since the whole body system always rests on force sensors during walking, the motion of the body center of mass (COM) can be directly assessed from ground reactions (so-called “Newtonian” method or Cavagna’s method).


Cutting edge/hot topic: description and parameterization of the COM trajectory during gait. Development of clinical indexes of “balance during gait” in ataxic patients, before and after therapeutic exercise. Role of individual muscle group in the advancement of the body system.


Recent/relevant Publications

  • Tesio L, Rota V, Perucca L The 3D trajectory of the body centre of mass during adult human walking: evidence for a speed-curvature power law. J Biomech. 2011 Feb 24;44(4):732-40.
  • Tesio L, Rota V, Chessa C, Perucca L.The 3D path of body centre of mass during adult human walking on force treadmill.J Biomech. 2010 Mar 22;43(5):938-44.
  • Tesio L, Rota V.Gait analysis on split-belt force treadmills: validation of an instrument. Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 2008 Jul;87(7):515-26.
  • Rota V, Perucca L, Simone A, Tesio L Walk ratio (step length/cadence) as a summary index of neuromotor control of gait: application to multiple sclerosis.Int J Rehabil Res. 2011;34(3):265-9.



Prof. Luigi Tesio . tel. 0258218150 luigi.tesio@unimi.it researcher ID A-1083-2008


Ing. Viviana Rota tel 0258210122 viviana.rota@unimi.it ; v.rota@auxologico.it

researcher ID D-3802-2013

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