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Forensic Psychopathology and Clinical Criminology Lab  

Principal Investigator: Professor Isabella Merzagora

Members: (alphabetically introduced) Dr. Palmina Caruso, Dr. Maddalena Ischia, Dr. Riccardo Pettorossi, Dr. Riccardo Telleschi, Dr. Guido Vittorio Travaini


The group’s research activity is focused on:

The Forensic Psychopathology and Clinical Criminology Lab, in addition to more than a ten-year-long  educational experience, focused mainly on psychopathological and criminological themes, also conducts researches and in-depth analysis on different subjects, connected to crime studies and their different phenomenological expressions; furthermore, it promotes expert surveies and legal advice activity, thanks to a professional partnership whit the Courthouse in Milan.

Two additional activites have recently found space in the Lab:

- a Service that provides a screening certification on psychological suitability to drive for elderly people (more than 85-five years old), in partnership with the one of the Local Health Authority – ASL –  in Milan;

-  SAVID (acronym that stands for: “Stop Wife-beating); this Service, in partnership with UEPE (Office for External Penal Execution) and the Surveillance Court, provides a criminological treatment to those who abused and mistreated their own partners.

Currently, the research has its primary focus on two major research lines:

- Topic 1. Forensic Psychopathology (Professor Isabella Merzagora, Dr. Riccardo Pettorossi, Dr. Palmina Caruso)

- Topic 2. Family abuses ((Dr. Guido Travaini, Dr. Riccardo Telleschi, Dr.ssa Maddalena Ischia)


Recent/relevant Publications

Isabella Merzagora: Colpevoli si nasce? Criminologia, Determinismo, Neuroscienza; Cortina Editore, 2012

Isabella Merzagora: Uomini violenti. I partner abusanti e il loro trattamento; Cortina Editore, 2009

Guido Vittorio Travaini (Andrea Gentilomo, Luca D’Auria): Medico e Giustizia; Cortina Editore, 2006

Riccardo Pettorossi, Psichiatria. Manuale d’apprendimento; Centro Scientifico Editore, 2008



Professor Isabella Merzagora phone 02.50315676; isabella.merzagora@unimi.it

Dr. Guido Vittorio Travaini phone 02.50315672; guido.travaini@unimi.it


Dr. Palmina Caruso phone 02.50315680; criminologia.clinica@unimi.it

Dr. Maddalena Ischia phone 02.50315680; savid@unimi.it


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