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Experimental and applied nutrition Lab  

Principal Investigator: Anita Ferraretto


Members: Amelia Fiorilli, Paola De Luca, Silvia Perego, Alessandra Zabeo


The group’s research activity is focused on:

Interaction between casein phosphopeptides and intestinal cells. Subject headers of study is the chemical physical properties of the casein phosphopeptides-calcium aggregates and their interaction with the plasma mebranes of enterocytes, mainly with the strucutres responsible of the calcium uptake, like the depolarizing calcium channels and the TRPV6 channel. The bioactivity od intestinal cells, as proliferation rate, apoptosis and differentiation in relation to the presence of casein phosphopeptides and calcium in the intestinal lumen after a meal are also a matter of study.


Currently, the research has its primary focus on two major research lines:

Topic 1. Possible correlation between calcium casein phosphopeptides and colon tumor

Topic 2. Interaction between peptides from milk and cheese other than casein phosphopeptides with intestinal cells.


Recent/relevant Publications

1) B.M. Donida, E.Mrak, C. Gravaghi, I. Villa, S. Cosentino, E. Zacchi, S. Perego, A. Rubinacci, A. Fiorilli, G. Tettamanti, A. Ferraretto. (2009) Peptides 30: 2233-2241.

 2) S. Cosentino, C. Gravaghi, E. Donetti, B. M. Donida, G. Lombardi, M. Bedoni, A. Fiorilli, G. Tettamanti, A. Ferraretto. (2010) J. Nutr. Biochem. 21: 247-254.

3) S. Cosentino, B. M. Donida, E. Marasco, E. Del Favero, L. Cantù, G. Lombardi, A. Colombini, S. Iametti, S. Valaperta, A. Fiorilli, G. Tettamanti, A. Ferraretto. (2010) Int. Dairy J. 20: 770-776.

 4)  S. Perego, S. Cosentino, A. Fiorilli, G. Tettamanti, A. Ferraretto. (2012) J. Nutr. Biochem. 23: 808-816.

 5) S. Perego, A. Zabeo, E. Marasco, P. Giussani, A. Fiorilli, G. Tettamanti, A. Ferraretto. (2013) J Funct Food doi: 10.1016/j.jff.2013.01.032



 Prof:  Amelia Fiorilli: tel. 02-50330356, amelia.fiorilli@unimi.it

 Dott. Anita Ferraretto:  tel. 02-5033041-30374  anita.ferraretto@unimi.it

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