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Applied Biomechanics Laboratory  

Principal Investigator:  Pietro Randelli


Vincenza Ragone: Ingegnere Biomedico
Lorenzo Banci: Ingegnere Biomedico
Filippo Randelli: Dirigente Medico U. O. Ortopedia V
Pietro Spennachio: Dirigente Medico U. O. Ortopedia II
Paolo Arrigoni: Dirigente Medico U. O. Ortopedia II
Alessandra Menon: Biologa
Chiara Fossati: Medico Specializzando in Ortopedia
Valentina Bruno: Medico Specializzando in Ortopedia
Luca Pulici: Medico Specializzando in Ortopedia
Davide Cucchi: Medico frequentatore


The group’s research activity is focused on:

The Applied Biomechanics Laboratory conducts research in joint biomechanics, tissue engineering, and prosthetic joint implants. The primary goal of the Laboratory is to develop new therapeutic solutions applied to clinical practice in orthopedics.

Currently, the research has its primary focus on two major research lines:

Topic 1

One line of research currently underway in our  Laboratory focuses on understanding the biological mechanisms of tendon healing. In particular, researchers direct their efforts to the study of some of the most relevant biotechnologies to improve tendon healing after surgical repair, such as platelet-rich plasma and mesenchymal stem cells.

Topic 2

Current research efforts focus on the study of pathologies affecting the joints of both upper and lower limbs (hip, knee, shoulder, elbow and ankle) and development of innovative solutions for their management.

The study of biomechanics plays a central role in the laboratory activities. The Laboratory's staff also pay great attention to the study of the most recent prosthetic implants and surgical techniques in order to improve the clinical results of joint replacement and arthroscopic surgery.


Relevant publications:

Isolation and characterization of 2 new human rotator cuff and long head of biceps tendon cells possessing stem cell-like self-renewal and multipotential differentiation capacity.
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Platelet rich plasma in arthroscopic rotator cuff repair: a prospective RCT study, 2-year follow-up. Randelli P, Arrigoni P, Ragone V, Aliprandi A, Cabitza P. J Shoulder Elbow Surg. 2011 Jun;20(4):518-28. doi: 10.1016/j.jse.2011.02.008.

Why menisci show higher healing rate when repaired during ACL reconstruction? Growth factors release can be the explanation. de Girolamo L, Galliera E, Volpi P, Denti M, Dogliotti G, Quaglia A, Cabitza P, Corsi Romanelli MM, Randelli P. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2013 Oct 22.

70° Frontal Visualization of Lateral Compartment of the Elbow Allows Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis Tendon Release With Preservation of the Radial Lateral Collateral Ligament.
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Management of knee injuries: consensus-based indications from a large community of orthopaedic surgeons. Cabitza F, Ragone V, Arrigoni P, Karlsson J, Randelli P. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2013 Mar;21(3):708-19. doi: 10.1007/s00167-012-2035-1.

Prophylactic use of antibiotic-loaded bone cement in primary total knee replacement.
Randelli P, Evola FR, Cabitza P, Polli L, Denti M, Vaienti L. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2010 Feb;18(2):181-6. doi: 10.1007/s00167-009-0921-y.



Laboratorio di Biomeccanica Applicata

Via Morandi 30, 20097 San Donato Milanese, Milano, Italy.

Tel: 02-52774706 Fax: 02-52774312


Dott. Pietro Randelli: pietro.randelli@unimi.it
Ing. Vincenza Ragone: ragone.vincenza@inwind.it
Ing. Lorenzo Banci: lorenzo.banci@tiscali.it
Dott. Filippo Randelli: filippo.randelli@fastwebnet.it
Dott. Pietro Spennachio: pietro_1977@hotmail.com
Dott. Paolo Arrigoni: arrigoni.p@gmail.com
Dott.ssa Alessandra Menon: ale.menon@me.com
Dott.ssa Valentina Bruno: doctorvalentina@hotmail.it
Dott. Luca Pulici: luca.pulici@gmail.com
Dott. Davide Cucchi: d.cucchi@gmail.com
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