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Research Laboratories  

''Iron Metabolism'' Lab
"Clinical Pathology" Lab
Movement Analysis Lab (LAM)
Laboratory ''Epidemiology and Molecular Diagnosis of Sexually Transmitted Infections''
''Experimental and applied nutrition'' Lab
"Immunorheumatology" Lab
Molecular Pathology Lab
Laboratory of Forensic Histopathology and Microbiology
Forensic Genetics Laboratory
Electron Microscopy Lab
Forensic Psychopathology and Clinical Criminology Lab
‘’Oncologic experimental immunotherapy’’ Lab
L.A.F.A.S.-Laboratory of Functional Anatomy of the Stomatognathic System
Regional Reference Centre for Virological Surveillance of Influenza
Laboratory of Medical Mycology
Laboratory of Technical Sciences for Laboratory Medicine
Regional reference centre in the WHO program for the global eradication of poliomielytis
Virological Diagnosis Laboratory
Healthcare Accountability Lab
Applied Biomechanics Laboratory
Extracellular Matrix lab
MoMeSKIN (Laboratory of Light and Electron Microscpoy of the Skin)

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